Helpful Tips when choosing a builder

Experience – it is very important to note the years of experience & how long your builder has been in the area. Remember, an “older aged” builder doesn’t necessarily mean experienced. They may be collecting an early pension from a previous career while now starting up a new business venture. This could mean “undercutting” and shabby workmanship.

Comparing Quotes – Make sure when comparing quotes, you are comparing “apples to apples” and that you are asking for the same type of quote from each builder. Make sure that the builders are detailing what’s included and what isn’t in your quote. Taking the lowest quote isn’t always the wisest choice and may not be lowest in the end. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.

Communication – Ensure you have a good rapport & feel comfortable with your builder. If you get an uncomfortable feeling or have any doubts, find someone else. You may have to work with your contractor for months and you should enjoy the experience.

References – Make sure you ask for references and don’t be afraid to check them out. You might even try to make an appointment to view your contractors work. Most previous clients, if they had a good working relationship with their builder will be happy to show off their project!

Insurance – Make sure your builder is insured otherwise any liability could transfer over to you, the homeowner.


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