Here are images of the jobs that A & R have taken on.

  • Framing Addition
    Framing being done for the addition to the existing cottage .
  • Boathouse Foundation
    Foundation of new boathouse. This phase is being done in March.
  • Framing Boathouse
    Framing for a wetslip Boathouse.
  • Summer Home Framing
    Tore down old cottage and this is the framing of the new 5000 Sq. ft. summer Home.
  • Deck and Patio
    Tear down of old 1 level deck and re-built 2 level deck with duradeck finish and 3rd level interlock patio.
  • Summer Home - Balsam
    Tore down old cottage and re-built 2500 sq.ft. home.
  • Home Balsam Lake
    Tore down a 60 year old family cottage and built year-round home.
  • Kitchen -  Balsam Lake
    Installed new kitchen.
  • House and Garage Balsam Lake
    Framing of a house and 2-car garage.
  • Boathouse on Balsam Lake 5
    24x30 dryslip boathouse with loft & balcony.
  • Summer Home - Balsam Lake
    Tear down of family cottage & re-built 5000 sq.ft. summer home.
  • Summer Home - Balsam Lake
    5000 sq.ft. home.
  • Boathouse Balsam Lake
    Wetslip boathouse with loft to match summer home.
  • Boathouse on Balsam Lake 2
    Wetslip boathouse.
  • Boathouse on Balsam Lake 3
    Wetslip boathouse with loft.
  • Boathouse on Balsam Lake 4
    Wetslip Boathouse.
  • Lakefront Home
    3500 sq.foot Lakefront Home with attached 2 car garage
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